We anticipate Your Needs to better protect you

Poe-ma insurances also provides cover for individuals and negotiates the best terms on their behalf.

We know our clients perfectly well, our trained agents pride themselves in understanding fully the work environment of their clients which in turn allows them to perceive the very heart of their preoccupations.

This receptiveness coupled with their expert advice is an essential factor in establishing a real partnership between Poe-ma and their clients. Finding the best possible coverage is a continual quest for Poe-ma.


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Travel insurance

Our experience in providing assistance services in « difficult » and far away countries has convinced us the importance of taking out a quality travel insurance

Home insurance

Poe-ma is an expert in home insurance covering tropical zones, offering you a complete range of guarantees


PPoe-ma accompanies boaters all over the world with dedicated teams who share the same passion

Vehicle insurances

Car insurance adapted to individuals offering full coverage and high performance rates

Health insurance for expatriates

Poe-ma is one of the few health insurance brokers for expatriates, located directly in the Asian and Pacific zones

Other offers

Poe-ma offers a wide range of complementary insurances, adapted to all your needs

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