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Refunding of Home Medical Care

By Medical Angels

Good news ! You can set up a third-party payment for the care provided by Medical Angels.

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The third-party payment is a system which allows, under certain conditions, to be exempted from health costs. This may be a partial or total exemption depending on the case. The professional will be paid directly by the Health Insurance, which prevents the patient from advancing a large sum of money.

We distinguish between the total third-party payment, which avoids any expense, and the partial third-party payment, which involves paying only the user fee (the part not covered by the Health Insurance).

Usually, when you see a health care professional, you get them straight away.

Health insurance (and your complementary health insurance if you have one) then reimburses you for the costs incurred, in whole or in part (after transmission of the care sheet).

The third-party payment system offered by the CFE exempts 80% of the beneficiary of Health Insurance from advancing medical expenses. Your complementary health insurance, if you have one, will reimburse you for the remaining 20%.

Members of the CFE / VYV IA (*)

Situation giving rise to third party payment

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Groupe VYV Phuket

In this case, you will only have to cover 20% of the bill and be reimbursed by your mutual health insurance if you have one.

(*) For information, the CFE insures all citizens of the European Community, including Swiss and British citizens, on condition that they are domiciled outside Europe.

In the event that you are not a member of the CFE / VYV, we can also, at your request, assist you in all your administrative procedures such as medical prescriptions, setting up user fees or reimbursements from your health insurer.

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