Medical Angels

The Setup

  • You have been hospitalized and wish, for economic reasons or simply for comfort, to return Medical Angels Phuketto your home in Phuket, Medical Angels intervenes;
  • You are disabled or independent and do not want to return to your country of origin or be hospitalized in Thailand, Medical Angels intervenes;
  • You wish to delay admission to an EHPAD in France, Medical Angels intervenes;
  • You need periodic home care, whatever it is (hygiene, comfort, medical), Medical Angels intervenes;
  • As a relative or friend, you accompany a sick person at home, Medical Angels supports you.
  • You need to rent medical equipment, Medical Angels comes in.

Operations Manager

Dr. Somkiet
Medical Manager





Procedure and prices

Before the intervention of Medical Angels, we make a free visit to your home to assess your needs and guarantee you a tailor-made service.

  • We set up the appropriate service and work with you to develop a personalized medical support project.
  • We present you with a detailed estimate of our services, which will be the subject of an official invoice.
  • We support you in obtaining the compulsory medical prescription which must be issued and signed by a Doctor of Medicine

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