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Home Insurance

by AA Insurance Brokers

Assurance maison PhuketYour home usually represents your largest asset. It is therefore important it is protected accordingly. AA Insurance Brokers works hand in hand with many different insurance companies in the area of Home and Contents insurances. Companies that offer a wide variety of plans to protect your home and household contents, some even including personal third party liability for you and your loved ones Thailand wide. No matter where your house may be located throughout Thailand, we are here to help secure your home!

Home Insurances in Thailand are usually policies which cover the building as well as the contents. The most common insurance policies cover Named Perils but also All-Risks policies are available. The Named Perils policies are used most because they already offer quite extensive covers. Which coverage can you expect from a Named Peril insurance:

  • Fire, lightning and water leakage
  • Natural catastrophes (storm, earthquakes etc.)
  • Cost of temporary accommodation in case of property damage/loss of property
  • Plate glass
  • Electrical short circuit
  • Burglary, armed robbery
  • Repair costs due to burglary
  • Third party liability Thailand wide

Assurance maison Phuket

Which coverage can you expect from an All-Risks insurance:

An All-Risks insurance covers all Named Peril insurance covers. The major extra benefit is coverage for accidental damage and Thailand wide liability coverage.

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