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Official Centurion Boats Dealer in Thailand

by blue angel marine

Welcome to Blue Angel Marine, the proud and exclusive Centurion Boats dealer nestled in the serene shores of Phuket, Thailand. Here at Blue Angel Marine, we are dedicated to delivering an unrivaled water sports experience, brought to you by the gold standard of wakeboarding and wakesurfing vessels—Centurion Boats.

Regarded as a luminary in the powerboat industry, Centurion Boats are engineered for excellence, offering high-performance, precision, and unparalleled wave-making capabilities. At our Phuket location, enthusiasts of aquatic adventures can engage in a hands-on experience with our diverse fleet of boat models. Each vessel is a masterpiece crafted for champions, yet designed with the flexibility to cater to the casual rider.

Our knowledgeable staff is ever-present to guide you through the process of personalizing your very own vessel. With the aid of our innovative online boat design tool, customers can meticulously curate their boats, choosing from a plethora of configurations and options tailored to fit their individual sporting pursuits or leisurely escapes.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newcomer eager to learn the ropes, our collection is sure to include your ideal match. Embrace the exuberance of navigating through the tranquil, azure waters of Thailand with our state-of-the-art custom Centurion Boats, specifically crafted to sculpt the consummate wave. Select Blue Angel Marine as your sentinel for an absolute nautical sports odyssey.

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Official Centurion Boat Maintenance & Repair Service in Thailand

Centurion Wakeboard Boat Repair, Engine Maintenance Services & More

Blue Angel Marine stands at the forefront of exemplary service and care for Centurion boats in Thailand. Our forte lies in the meticulous attention to repair and the steadfast maintenance of these illustrious vessels, ensuring they are always in peak form for your aquatic pursuits.

Cementing our status as the preeminent Centurion boat service provider, our brigade of brand-certified technicians harbors the wisdom and skill derived from unrivaled dedication and strict adherence to the manufacturer’s stringent protocols. Such dedication offers our clientele the tranquility of knowing their vessel is in capable hands.

Our comprehensive service suite spans the spectrum from engine maintenance to intricate boat repairs, each performed with a commitment to personalized attention and executed using only the most superior tools and technology the industry offers.

Entrust your Centurion to the custodianship of Blue Angel Marine Thailand, and take solace in the assurance that it will be returned to you primed for performance, with every rippling wave awaiting your command. Our promise is simple: exceptional service that upholds the essence of the Centurion legacy.

Buy new boats Centurion Thailand dealer in Phuket
New boats Centurion Thailand dealer in Phuket

For troubleshooting, routine care, or just standard check-ups, your boat deserves the meticulous expertise that only we can offer. Contact Blue Angel Marine today to arrange your next service appointment and join the ranks of those who demand nothing short of excellence for their prized Centurion vessel.

In the world of aquatic sports and boat-making, there’s an unmatched tranquility in being confident that you’ve selected the finest options available, both at sea and ashore. With a dedication to excellence and a customer-first approach, Blue Angel Marine stands as the ultimate haven for the unparalleled experience offered by Centurion Boats.

Conquer the Waves with Blue Angel Marine

Embark On Your Centurion Boating Adventure in Thailand's Paradise

Immerse yourself in the world of luxury boating with Centurion’s leading dealer, Blue Angel Marine. Tailor your sea adventure with our exceptional boats and expert care in Thailand’s waters.

Introduction to Panarea: Discover the 52ft Marvel from Chill Yachts

Welcome to the world of luxury yachting, where elegance, comfort, and adventure seamlessly merge with the rolling waves. In this sphere of high-seas opulence, Chill Yachts has emerged with its latest masterpiece, the 52ft catamaran named Panarea. This vessel is not just a means of navigation; it’s a journey into the heart of maritime luxury.

About Us: Crafting Nautical Elegance

At Chill Yachts, we are not merely building boats; we’re curating experiences. As a boutique brand, our essence lies in delivering high-quality motor yachts that embody both luxury and a touch of personal distinction. Our shipyard is a testimony to craftsmanship, where a blend of European flair and Asian precision brings about vessels unmatched in their class. Nestled within China’s Greater Bay Area, our facility leverages the cutting-edge marine industry supply chain, ensuring that each Chill Yachts catamaran is a paragon of modern nautical engineering.

The Model: Panarea, a Reflection of the Mediterranean

Panarea, our new 52ft vision, sails right out of a Mediterranean dream, where its allure parallels that of its eponymous island, a hidden gem within the Tyrrhenian Sea. The yacht, much like the island, promises a blend of exclusivity and adventure, luxuriously accommodating those who step aboard. It is not just a yacht; it’s a statement of sophistication that sails beyond the ordinary.

The Design: Turbulence Design’s Masterstroke

Entrusted to the visionary minds at Turbulence Design in Bremen, Germany, the Panarea 52 is a design feat that marries boldness with beauty. Reflecting upon its namesake, the yacht’s architecture captures an adventurous spirit wrapped in the splendor of sleek lines and modern interiors. Panarea is conceived as a floating sanctuary, a secret haven where the ocean’s vastness meets the intimacy of a personal escape, all while offering views that stretch to the horizon.

The Experience: A Voyage Like No Other

Embarking on a voyage aboard Panarea is to embrace the tranquility of the seas with a sense of grandeur. It calls to those who seek to discover the tapestry of the world’s waters, from serene lagoons to hidden shores, in an ambiance of laid-back luxury. The catamaran’s expansive living quarters are a testament to the fine art of seafaring hospitality, perfect for gathering loved ones or making new acquaintances amid the waves. Performance goes hand in hand with plush comforts as Panarea promises a sailing experience that is not only exhilarating but also impressively serene.

Chill Yachts’ dedication to fusing sublime comfort with robust performance is evidenced in the Panarea’s design. Stability isn’t just a feature—it’s a promise, ensuring that every journey is as smooth as the last, inviting owners and guests to revel in the joys of nautical living without a single compromise.

From the panoramic saloon to the privacy of the luxurious cabins, this 52ft catamaran provides the freedom to indulge in every moment, to breathe in the salty breeze, and to discover new horizons. Tailored for those with discerning tastes who yearn for adventure without sacrificing comfort, the Panarea from Chill Yachts transcends the traditional confines of sailing. It offers, instead, a floating testament to the allure of the open sea—a passage to a life less ordinary, for those who seek nothing less than extraordinary.

As Chill Yachts proudly unveils the Panarea to the world, it stands as a hallmark of what’s possible when passion for yachting meets the dedication to excellence. In crafting this impeccable catamaran, Chill Yachts doesn’t just offer a vessel—it delivers an experience that sails beyond your wildest dreams and into the embrace of the boundless blue.

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