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Welcome to the premier destination in Phuket for insurance solutions. Our platform proudly presents the most reliable and popular professional insurance brokers in the region. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive coverage for your car, robust protection for your home, dedicated fire insurance, or an insurance plan for your boat, we have what you need. With a multitude of options at your fingertips, rest assured that you will find the perfect insurance policy tailored to your needs. Ensure peace of mind for the things that matter most to you, right here with us.

AA Insurance Brokers

AA Insurance Brokers is run by a dedicated team with many years experience in the insurance field in Thailand and abroad. Our clients extend throughout Thailand and the world and range from housewives to international corporations.

Our articles

Your Car Insurance

With the increasingly chaotic traffic, a road code that is different from what we are used to, and other drivers whose behavior can sometimes be unpredictable, it is of the utmost importance to have reliable vehicle insurance in Thailand. Whether you drive like a pro or not, whatever your…

Your Home Insurance

Your home usually represents your largest investment. It only makes sense then that it should be adequately protected. The brokers at AA Insurance work closely with a wide range of companies insuring homes and their contents. These companies offer various types of policies to protect your home, some of which…

Your Health Insurance

First-class medical treatment can prove to be particularly expensive, especially so for foreigners. Even though the cost of living is lower in Thailand than in Europe, a serious illness can make a significant dent in your bank account. And what’s worse: without adequate health insurance, urgent care could…

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Cette publication est également disponible en : Français