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Phuket Experiences Major Spike in Luxury Prices

From October 2022 to April 2023, Phuket saw a surge in demand for luxury sea view real estate properties, almost mirroring the massive increase in tourism during that period. In fact, the number of visitors to the tropical island was almost unprecedented in the last decade.

What is the best category of property to own in Phuket, Thailand?

Aside from the obvious choice of owning a piece of land on the ocean in a beautiful, tropical paradise, where the warmth of the Sun, the gentle sea breezes, literally, will add good years to your life, just be being there, then designing and building your own dream, there is a more overall practical, structured options. In Thailand, based on the condominium laws of other parts of

Thailand Property Ownership Facts for Foreigners

Though, as it is all over the world, there are various means by which to take Title for your Property. For straight purchase of raw, undeveloped, or agriculturally zoned parcels of land, an individual foreigner can own Leasehold Title, registered for up to 90 years, as is common in other parts of the world, mostly for very valuable locations. On the other hand, the land can be fully Owned on Freehold, Fee Simple, Title by